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Xi Tang window curtains was founded in Taiwan in 2000 and took the first capacity as the agent of Hunter Douglas gallery. [Provide customers from multiple choices and implore customer quality of life]for the purpose, the company specialize in the design and provision of curtains, rolling shutters, window, electric curtains, Hunter Douglas, shutters, organ curtains, curtain fabric, curtain design,widow screening and other services.
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Organ curtain

Xi Tang organ curtain-- Gorgeous clothes for all types of windows

Organ curtain is folded like an accordion-shaped curtain organ screens. By definition, in the form similar to an accordion pull the three-dimensional shape. As the shape likes honeycomb, it was also known as honeycomb screens or cellular screens. Organ screen’s greatest advantage is its ability to meet the diverse needs of all types of windows in the family. Whether the corner window, oval window or French window curved, sloping roof windows, and even overhead skylights, the organ curtains can cover them with gorgeous coat.

Xi Tang organ curtain-- Make your home life more convenient and give you nice mood

Organ curtain is first popular in Europe and when it comes to China they are widely used in high style bar, special restaurant, art embassy or study and living room etc. Xi Tang’s organ curtain products are specially processed so the fabric is flexible. Organ curtains are definitely made according to size and have kinds of popular colors. Xi Tang organ curtain has its own design of honeycomb which makes the air stored in insulating layer. By this way we can keep the room in constant temperature which will also save air conditioning fee for you. Xi Tang also can make the organ curtain possess the function of anti-UV and heat insulation even to anti-static so as to protect your household goods effectively. Organ curtain products have the appearance of nice features; cleaning easier to allow customers to use flexibility, ease of mind.
If you want to know more about the style and characteristic of organ curtain, please contact us as soon as possible.
Xi Tang tracery organ curtain order and service line: 02-2533-9303
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Top-down organ curtain
Standard organ curtain
Duet organ curtain
Upright organ curtain
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