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Xi Tang window curtains was founded in Taiwan in 2000 and took the first capacity as the agent of Hunter Douglas gallery. [Provide customers from multiple choices and implore customer quality of life]for the purpose, the company specialize in the design and provision of curtains, rolling shutters, window, electric curtains, Hunter Douglas, shutters, organ curtains, curtain fabric, curtain design,widow screening and other services.
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Xi Tang window screening-- the little angel that creates a romantic home ambience

If the curtain is the creator of home romance then the yarn window screening will add some more romance. Those old monotonous and inexpensive screens are replaced by the colorful and elegantly designed screening product. These dream elegant screening has attracted many people's attention with a new attitude at the same time they play an important role at home.

Maybe some customers will think that screens just to play solely for decorative effect, it is not. Relative to the curtain, especially in those large floor window families, screens play a very important function. After all, the window’s transmittance and ventilation effect is very important because usually we do not close the curtain. Xi Tang screens use advanced technology production also with a soft and gorgeous mixed features. Xi Tang uphold the "customer-oriented, committed to enhancing the quality of home tracery for the customers" as the principle of service and operates a number of high-quality screens, according to the different needs and preferences of customers to provide a variety of colors and prints. Because the screens are now with more and more delicate texture and the pattern is more and more beautiful, a lot of people like to select the most transparent screens placed in the curtain fabric surface. We will appreciate the looming pattern of the gauze curtains through the chiffon and the screen’s individual suspension must be good. Xi Tang can help you crush satisfied with a one-stop purchase of high quality screens.


Warm tips for cleaning screens

Window screening method is low temperature washing or dry cleaning. Following provide you with a few points to note when washing:
1. The so-called low-temperature washing refers to the open faucet washed at room temperature. So do not use warm water cleansing in order to avoid distortion or shrink.
2. Window screening is not suitable to use washing machine of high-speed mixing and dehydration. In particular, color screens can not be bleached or dried or the fibers and color must be of deformation or destruction
3. For tailor-made fire proof screens because they have done a special processing, long-term water washing may reduce its effectiveness. We recommend you to dry fire screens better than clean up.
4. Please use neutral detergent (such as cold-wash fine) when washing screens. You can use cleaning agent for daily maintenance after washing.
5. Cleaning white screens, you can add a little bleach in water. Dehydrated, it may be linked directly back to the windows because natural dried can be kept white and elegant.
If you want to know more about the choice and the cleaning and maintaining of window screening, please contact us as soon as possible.
Xi Tang tracery window screening order and service line: 02-2533-9303
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