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Xi Tang window curtains was founded in Taiwan in 2000 and took the first capacity as the agent of Hunter Douglas gallery. [Provide customers from multiple choices and implore customer quality of life]for the purpose, the company specialize in the design and provision of curtains, rolling shutters, window, electric curtains, Hunter Douglas, shutters, organ curtains, curtain fabric, curtain design,widow screening and other services.
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Curtain design

Xi Tang curtain design-- We are not afraid of the design, I'm afraid you are located can not think of

As times change and improving the quality of life, people are increasingly striving for perfection and personalized about home layout. Curtains, wallpaper and other home improvement can beautify their homes, but also can control the light, to reconcile home atmosphere, thus identifying those with the aesthetics of the curtain designer, depending on your home-improvement and your own preferences to complete the design of the curtains can not only dress up your a beautiful family, but also in recognition of your aesthetics and taste. So your friends and family can share feelings and emotions of your unique beauty that impressed by beautiful curtains rational design of a natural decoration of our homes can not be the missing link. Xi Tang tracery furnishings constantly in search of the curtains at home and abroad the latest design information at the same time, to be more stylish, modern decor elements, so that customers have a variety of personalization options. Constant pursuit of innovation and change is Xi Tang curtain designer’s style, meanwhile customer satisfaction is Xi Tang curtain designer’s business philosophy which has always been adhered to. Xi Tang adhere to the "customer-friendliness and to enhance the design aesthetics curtain" to the masses of customers to serve wholeheartedly.

Warm tips for curtain design and purchase

1. In the story but not too large room or in the renovation was the ceiling of the room will give a feeling of constriction. The simple way is to choose to adopt a strong color bars pattern curtains design, but also try to not do curtain head. Using of plain bars curtains you can also look simple and clean field of vision that also can reduce the constriction brought by indoor floors is not enough.
2. For those bottom and poor towards room most people are not satisfied with is the light. "Hardware" although inadequate, but can rely on "software" to "packaging." This room curtain design, it is necessary to compact the room with light as the main design and use reflective material with a shiny fabric cloth to decorate the walls. For example, cotton silk fabric curtains, you can also use "yarn curtain "and other thin fabric, or according to their own style of decoration with an appropriate choice of light-colored, shiny fabrics will allow the room to become bright.
3. If the room is small you can choose light and cool colors to decorate curtains because light or cold color can create spacious and elegant visual effects. Or accompanied by purer, small-shaped pattern the effect is not bad.
4. For the long narrow room you can choose horizontal straight line pattern curtains so that the room fertilization. Horizontal stripe pattern on the curtains in the visual design of the narrow room can be shorter. Also, you can install in the narrow ends of the room with a striking pattern of fabric. Say one end is a practical function of the curtains and the other side is a decorative curtain so that before and after echoing but also can produce the effect of shortening the distance.
5. Bedroom window is relatively small and the installation of quality fabric floor thick curtains will create a bulky and cumbersome visual effect. Therefore, it is best to install lifts curtain and curtain designs such as the Roman curtain. Xi Tang tracery furnishings from curtains to each a materials had been designed for your plan carefully measuring the valuation free of charge to the government to make your home have a variety of new options and have their own taste.
If you want to know more about the color matching and notes of curtain design, please contact us as soon as possible.
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