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Xi Tang window curtains was founded in Taiwan in 2000 and took the first capacity as the agent of Hunter Douglas gallery. [Provide customers from multiple choices and implore customer quality of life]for the purpose, the company specialize in the design and provision of curtains, rolling shutters, window, electric curtains, Hunter Douglas, shutters, organ curtains, curtain fabric, curtain design,widow screening and other services.
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Curtain fabric

Xi Tang curtain fabric fixes up a warm home for you

Curtain fabric as an important part of the soft decoration, recently is more and more neglected. At present consumers are no longer limited to the requirements of curtain fabric shade, but taking more account of its decorative features. To be practical, beautiful, fashionable, but also personality, the human being’s quality requirements and beauty level of curtain are rising. Widow is the eye of a living-room; meanwhile curtains are the soul of the windows. When people raise the curtain as to beautify living room, regulating mood of art, the gorgeous colorful curtains on entering the fashion tide, Xi Tang Tracery furnishings have a variety of colors of the curtain fabric: fresh, single, elegant, bright, and thick, beating the color everything. The curtain fabric material is both gentle sense of elegance and beauty but without losing a sense of maturity, so as to meet different customer preferences and tastes.

Sense of selecting curtain fabric color and pattern

For each carefully renovated house, inevitably there is still a little bit of regret or defect. Using beautiful and suitable curtains can cover up and improve the regret or flaws, meanwhile will improve the overall visual effects that could play an important role in making the house beauty. Xi Tang warmly recommends you to choose curtain fabric aiming at different functions and to select the colors of the curtain fabric in different patterns.
1. If the room is not light enough, you can use more texture sloppy organization and a geometric pattern printed curtain. Meanwhile unify the curtain pattern with the wall so that make people feel more open.
2. If the room appears to space, you can choose a more soft and fluffy curtains cloth material. Use absorption material curtain to decorate floor and wall, however, the window will adopt the curtain fabric that with strong contrast effect or use the color bright curtain fabric and bedding fabric to match the floors and walls in sharp contrast so as to change the room empty and monotonous feeling.
3. The living room is the place for entertaining guests and family rest. It is recommended to choose mainly light-colored, translucent and thin curtains which can create a dignified, simple, generous and bright visual effect.
4. The bedroom is a private space. Curtain fabric color patterns may be unified with the bed materials. Choosing thick fabric shading do ingredients, so yarn and double-layer curtain can create a warm and romantic atmosphere.
If you want to know more about the fabric material and color pattern of Xi Tang curtain fabric, please contact us as soon as possible.
Xi Tang tracery organ curtain order and service line: 02-2533-9303
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