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Xi Tang window curtains was founded in Taiwan in 2000 and took the first capacity as the agent of Hunter Douglas gallery. [Provide customers from multiple choices and implore customer quality of life]for the purpose, the company specialize in the design and provision of curtains, rolling shutters, window, electric curtains, Hunter Douglas, shutters, organ curtains, curtain fabric, curtain design,widow screening and other services.
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Xi Tang curtain-- Lovely wizard that makes beauty

Curtain is one of the options that we decorate our living space; it not only has the practical effect of shade, but also the vertical fall of the gentle sense can add more vitality and life into the original cold structure. Curtains are the symbol of the masterís taste and the wizard of your living space. Good curtains can not only beauty home, landscaping and decorating but also mold the masterís mood. Taking the time to select quality curtains was still the good way of appreciating life. For customers who purchase curtains, they must face the market variety and assortment of all kinds of curtains so choose what kind of curtain for good is their question. Xi Tang window blinds have many years of marketing experience, can be pertinent for the majority of their customers a good curtain buy recommendation. Xi Tang is willing to add luster to your fashion home life and must be your wise choice in choosing curtain.

Warm tips when choose curtains

1.Should consider the overall effect of room :

Generally speaking, the curtains made by these fabric material, such as a thin cotton cloth, nylon silk, thin Luosha, mesh fabric etc., can not only transmit a certain degree of natural light, but meanwhile give a secret sense of security to the interior people in the daytime. Moreover, since the curtain fabric with the characteristic of soft and light, it will be better when hung on the windows. At the same time, care should be used in conjunction with the thick curtains; because the thick curtains take significant results in the formation of a unique interior environment and reduce the external interference. When choosing thick curtains it is better to select such as corduroy, wool fabric, golden velvet, and wool and linen fabrics these material curtains.

2. Should concern the color and pattern of curtains

Fabric colors should coordinate with the room and according to the local environment and season to determine trade-offs is a better way. When summer comes we should choose the cool color curtains while the warm color in winter. In spring and autumn neutral colors may be the main idea. From the perspective of overall co-ordination room, said that consideration should be given with the wall, furniture, flooring, etc. whether the color coordination.

3. Should consider the style and size of curtains

In the curtain style, usually in little room curtains should be relatively simple pattern so as to avoid making the room look narrow for the complexity of curtains. As for the big room, you should adopt more generous, stylish, sophisticated style. For the curtain width size, generally on both sides of the windows of more than 10 centimeters wide is better. Also you should consider the bottom of curtain style; the short-style bay window curtain should also be longer than the bottom line of about 20 cm is appropriate. Floor curtains, should generally be 2 ~ 3 cm from the ground.
If you want to know more about the style and color of Xi Tang curtains, please contact us as soon as possible.
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